Discussion Forum HOWTO

The discussion forum is a tool for carrying on and archiving class-related discussions. I will usually post a topic and ask you to respond to it, but you can also start your own topics if you wish. We can reply to each other's messages, reply to the replies, and so on. The forum is also useful as a bulletin board for announcing schedule changes, posting supplementary course materials, and expanding student/teacher contact beyond what is possible in the confines of a physical classroom and a regular meeting schedule.

You are given access to the forum as part of your Inquisition registration process. Your Inquisition username and password will be required for forum login, so make sure you have completed the Inquisition registration process before attempting to use the forum.

Instructions for using the forum

1. Visit David Robinson's academic homepage and find the "navbar" (a collection of links) near the top of the page. Click on Forum.

2. On the forum Web page, find and click the Login link at upper right.

3. Enter your Inquisition username and password in the login dialog box.

4. Click the Login button.

5. Once you are logged in, your username will appear in a greeting at upper right.

6. If this is your first login, you may not be able to see your discussion board yet. This is because I have to give each student permission to see the board. Sometimes this takes a day or so from the time you register with Inquisition.

7. The material at the bottom of the page is merely statistical information for the instructor's use; you can ignore it.

8. Once you can see a discussion board, click on its title.

9. When you enter the discussion board, you will see a list of the topics that have previously been posted. Click on a title to see the contents of the discussion.

10. Each discussion thread begins with a topic post, usually by the instructor. You can reply to it by clicking Reply.

11. The indented messages below the topic post are previously submitted replies to the topic post. You can reply to one of the these directly by clicking its Reply link.

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