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We have tried to be sure not to violate the copyrights of others in preparing this site. Whenever possible, we have requested permission to use borrowed items. However, in a few cases concerning items borrowed from the internet, contacting a site owner was impossible, because the site did not provide a name and/or address for the owner. Where an internet site did not include mention of a copyright on any of its pages and left us no way to make contact, we have operated under the assumption that its contents are in the public domain, particularly regarding a few of the texts in the anthology. To the best of our knoweldge, we have not taken items from a page in violation of a stated copyright. Nonetheless, if you think we have violated your copyright, please inform the General Editor, Anthony F. Beavers (, at once, and steps will be taken to rectify the situation, either by removing the resource or obtaining the proper permission.

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