Art of China
Prepared by Remy Rong Guo, a Ph.D. student at Purdue University, this site presents an interesting cross-section of Chinese art including visual art, crafts, music, cooking, calligraphy and other modes of expression, from a wide range of time periods. Art of China also includes sections on the zodiac and Chinese scenery. The section devoted to scenery features brief tours of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Imperial Gardens.

Asian Arts: The on-line forum for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia
"The Asian Arts site is dedicated to all aspects of Asian art. It is our ambition to offer a forum for scholars, museums and commercial galleries; we will display highlights of exhibitions in public and private institutions and galleries; present new discoveries by scholars; and, by providing space for private galleries to present their works, offer the visitor a selection of fine Asian art worldwide." Asian Arts features the following exhibitions: Lao Textiles Revisited, Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan, Heaven's Embroidered Cloths: One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles, Images of Faith, and Early Tibetan Mandalas. The site also features several articles. Presented by Web Art Publishing, Asian Arts is an attractive presentation well-worth the visit.

China the Beautiful
This very popular site is dedicated to Classical Chinese Art, Calligraphy, Poetry, History, Literature, Painting and Philosophy. Dr. Ming L. Pei, the site's webmaster and editor, recommends that new visitors begin with the China Room, which is "like visiting the Chinese gallery in an art museum." For readers of Chinese, this site includes Chinese texts, but special software is needed to see Chinese characters. No special software is needed for the China Room.

China 5K - Timeline of the History of China

Chinese Culture
Another of Paul Halsall's excellent internet sites for teaching, Core 9: Chinese Culture constitutes a complete resource center for a course at Brooklyn College. Along with a Syllabus, the site features a hyperlinked Course Outline along with images, texts, class handouts, class projects, a bibliography and a list of links to other sites. This site is extensive and well-worth the visit. Paul Halsall is the Associate Editor for the Medieval Europe portion of Exploring Ancient World Cultures.

The Council on East Asian Libraries
CEAL was designed with a three-fold purpose in mind: "(a) to serve as a faculty-librarians' forum for the discussion of East Asian library problems of common concern; (b) to formulate programs for the development of East Asian library resources, bibliographic controls, and access; and (c) to improve inter-library and international cooperation in East Asian library development and services." As part of this effort, CEAL supports a rather extensive series of internet pages on East Asia, including this index of resources on China. Readers should not miss the index page on Buddhism.

Information on China
Robert Crowley of the University of Illinois at Springfield maintains several pages dedicated to China as part of a larger project, The Pacific Century. The site features a special page dedicated to a brief History of China from the earliest dynasties until the 10th century CE. Other pages are dedicated to contemporary China and focus on Culture, Economy, Religion and Education, Government, Land Resources, Politics and Foreign Relations.

Introduction to Buddhism

Mathematics in China

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