Harappa is an unusal internet site presenting issues regarding both contemporary and ancient India. It includes special sections on Images, Movies, Sounds, and Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Users shouldn't miss the slide show, Around the Indus in 90 Slides, which includes an essay written by Jonathon Mark Kenoyer, and the brief tour, A Walk through Mohenjo Daro. Harappa is presented by Omar Khan and Jim McCall.

Hindu Tantrik Home Page
Designed by Mike McGee, this site focuses on Tantra, "a diverse and rich tradition of the Indian sub-continent." The site includes a helpful introduction and a glossary along with several short articles on a wide range of topics. Here you may read about such things as "Lalita's Paradise Island," a Tantrik conception of paradise, or the diety Ganesh. This Hindu Tantric Page is thorough and informative.

Sarasvati River: The Discovery of a Millennium!

Veda and Dharma
Part of the Spirit-WWW network, this site features a general overview of Vedic civilization in its historical context. Topics addressed here include the Aryan invasions, the dating of the Ramayana and Vedic spirituality. Not to be missed by non-Hindu readers are these answers to Nine Questions about Hinduism by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.

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