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Here is the recipe for Nextcloud + shared calendar + DavX^5 app + Google Calander app.

  1. Owner of a Nextcloud calendar shares calendar with a non-owner Nextcloud account on the same server.
  2. User receiving the shared permission installs DavX^5 app on an Android phone.
  3. User creates new link in DavX^5 app, supplying:
    • Nextcloud username
    • Nextcloud password
    • "Base URL" of the Nextcloud server as DavX^5 app wants to see it, no more and no less: "https://example.com/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/". The DavX^5 app and the Nextcloud server will work out what the user has access to, so that should not be specified in the URL or the connection will fail.
  4. DavX^5 app will authenticate and request that you create a handle for this account in the Android device's list of secure accounts.
  5. Open the device's list of secure accounts, find the new Dav account, select Dav Calendar (or something with that meaning), and sync everything manually.
  6. Go to the settings for Google Calendar and wait an indeterminate period of time until the newly available calendar shows up as an option, then select it.
  7. Calendar items from Nextcloud should begin to populate the calendar app (in addition to whatever else is there from other sources).