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Resetting the Foris password

Resolve WAN as LAN on Turris

ADS-B Exchange and local setup

Git tips

Asus Zenbook UX325EA-XH74 notes

Quick SSH key creation

Firefox about: pages

Camera Lore

Disabling sleep and hibernate on systemd

Converting a SQLite database to CSV

Sending a file to an EC2 instance

How to install Debian using an existing LUKS volume

Epson V200 scanner driver on Debian

Setting Nemo to manage the desktop

Concatenating PDF Files

Apt Hold: Preventing upgrade

Handy CLI Utilities

Diagnosing and repairing a RAID 1 failure

Formatting an SD card

How Enlightenment IBar app-launchers work

Accessing the private Git repo

Testing an ATX power supply

Running log widget

Adding GPG keys to apt

Waypoints from JOSM to a GPX file

Keeping the Qube alive

Configuring Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router with DD-WRT

Getting started