On-Line Class FAQ

Does this class actually meet?
Yes -- in cyberspace. It does not meet in a physical classroom. The meeting time is listed in the official class schedule and on the course syllabus.

How do we hold class discussions?
Discussions happen in an on-line chat room. These are the equivalent of classroom meetings in a regular class, and attendance in them is required.

Why can't I find this class on WebCT?
Because I don't use WebCT.

What is the grading in this course based on?
Exams, quizzes, participation. For details, consult the course syllabus. You can find it by visiting http://ogeechee.litphil.georgiasouthern.edu and scrolling down to the Student Area.

How do you give tests and quizzes?
Tests and quizzes are administered over the World Wide Web using software designed for this purpose. The tests and quizzes are unproctored, but I have built in checks to catch sharing of answers and plagiarism.

What do you do when you encounter cheating?
I refer all cases of academic dishonesty to the Georgia Southern Office of Judicial Affairs.

Are there any special requirements for taking this class?
You need reliable access to a networked computer, proper software, and the ability to use these things. See the syllabus for details.

How do I do all of this computer stuff?
Read the syllabus over, and if the computer skills required are too intimidating, then you probably shouldn't be in this class. You are on your own with your computer and your Internet Service Provider, and I will not provide computer technical support.

But what if I can't get connected and I miss a chat?
Too bad.

Is this a good way to teach a literature class?
It has real advantages. During a chat, everyone can talk; in a classroom, the noise would be unbearable. In other words, on-line discussions actually seem to encourage more participation by more people, not just the most outspoken students.

Do you make special accommodations for people with learning or physical disabilities?
I have never had to so far. The tests and quizzes are open over lengthy periods already, making them quite friendly to people who might request extra time under normal circumstances. If students encounter accessibility issues with any of my Internet class tools, they should immediately notify me.

How do students get in touch with you?
By e-mail or by logging in to the on-line chat room. Addresses and instructions are in the syllabus. I do not normally hold office hours for students in on-line classes.

Why don't I receive any of the e-mail messages you supposedly sent?
Because you aren't checking your university e-mail account. You must use your university account for all communication in this class.

How are course evaluations for this class carried out?
They happen on WebCT (despite what I said earlier about not using it).

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